JT580 Series High Protection Inverter



JT580 series are AC motor drives specially designed for textile and lifting applications.It has many great features and built-in functions.

Equipped with a built-in DC reactor, it replaces the need for a distribution cabinet and saves space for other equipment, while providing harmonic suppression and better power quality for the system.

JT580 is also equipped with built-in PLC function and supports 16-speed and runtime settings for maximum system flexibility and fast data exchange in order to reduce setup steps and time adjustments in operation and provide higher efficiency.


• Standard H-level DC Reactor >>

  • Improve the input-side power factor

  • Improve efficiency and thermal stability

  • Effectively eliminate high-order harmonics & external conducted radiation interference

  • Provide harmonic suppression and better power quality


• Under Voltage Protection >>

The inverter can continue operating when an instantaneous power fails. The load feedback energy compensates for voltage drops to keep the inverter running. It can be widely used in textile production lines, lifting industries, and other occasions that require high continuity.


• Military Spec Chips >>

Stability and reliability are assured with military-grade components, and the product is more resistant to high temperatures and has a wider operating temperature range.

• Enhanced PCB Coating >>

Our protective coating products are stable and reliable, the three-cycle operation process greatly increases the thickness and protection of the three-proof paint.

• Strong Environmental Adaptability >>

  • Up to 50°C ambient temperature

  • High-density dust-proof net can effectively prevent dust from entering the inverter and avoid short-circuit and other faults

  • A dedicated air duct design and a built-in fan improve heat dissipation efficiency, improve stability and extend service life

  • Equipped with military-grade chips, enhanced (three-proof paint) PCB coating, up to 105°C temperature-resistant capacitors


• Advanced Control Algorithm, High Torque at Low Speed, Small Torque Ripple >>

With open-loop vector control, torque can reach 150% at 0.5Hz

With closed-loop vector control, torque can reach 180% at 0Hz

Special I/F control, high precision and stability of torque control


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